Local and Natural Produce!

Fresh, local Strawberries, Raspberries and, our specialty, Blueberries.

Our Family of Products

$20.00750 mL16% alc.

A refreshing wine with just a little sweetness to bring out the blackberry flavour. Excellent by itself or with any food dishes. Shines with Salmon, Sushi, spicy foods, or red meats.

$20.00375 mL18% alc.

Loads of blackberry flavour! Great as an aperitif or with a fruit cobbler dessert.

Tayberry Wine
$20.00750ml15.5% alc.

Intense wine with a loganberry flavour. Great with cheeses or white meats.

$20.00750ml15.5% alc.

Fresh raspberry bouquet and flavour. Lovely with white meats, pork, cheeses, or just a glass by itself.

Raspberry Dessert Wine (Port Style)
$20.00375ml18% alc.

Very rich bouquet and flavour. Wonderful with chocolate or in a martini with grapefruit juice and a squeeze of lemon.